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A Simple Selfie


This blog lists the most recent work of Niguel Valley Photography including weddings, bridals, and engagements sessions in the Little Rock & Central Arkansas area.

A Simple Selfie

Niguel Valley

A Simple Selfie

A Simple Selfie

I've been working on my style as a photographer lately. (I'm pretty much always doing that but even more so now). I like to push myself. There are so many other photographers that I appreciate and even aspire to be like. I don't think anything is wrong with a little duplication if you add originality to it. However, in all of the pushing and striving to be creative, simplicity can be extraordinary.

I once read that creative people struggle with perfectionism. While creating perfectionist see the perfect version of a task and are not willing to accept the current good version. I would cite that but I'm being lazy. One problem is that the perfect version keeps getting pushed into the future because we can always do better. I'm breaking that cycle with my photography.

What looks simple to one can be complicated to another. Though I think this selfie is pretty simple someone else may wonder how did I do it. It's just a mirror, red living room, Canon 5D Mark ii, 135mm f/2.0. That's pretty simple. I guess.

We have to appreciate where we are and forget the negatives. Anyone who's been down the road of business or any form of building will understand that there is a process; there is growth; they were once there. Do your thing and appreciate the small steps.