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This blog lists the most recent work of Niguel Valley Photography including weddings, bridals, and engagements sessions in the Little Rock & Central Arkansas area.

Petit Jean Mountain and a Logo

Niguel Valley

Niguel Valley at Petit Jean Mountain

Niguel Valley at Petit Jean Mountain

Yesterday my wife (Kristen) and I went to Petit Jean Mountain to scope a few spots to use for shooting. It was my first time going; I'd been advised by several to take a look. It was really nice. And since I'm a lover of dramatic photos I think this area will yield exactly what I want. The photo above is an example.

It was slightly foggy with a temperature around 50-60 degrees. Kids were playing in the park area. Other photographers were taking landscape photos. I'm pretty sure there was an Instagram meetup happening too. I stood observing. Kristen snapped away.

After she showed me I was blown away. I loved it. When I got a chance I made it every profile picture that I could (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus). The silhouette also gave me the idea to use it as a logo. Let's see what becomes of it.