Models at 10am

Working with Jade Daniels, owner of SoJadeD Makeup and Collection, and Tieraneyj Ousley-Johnson, fashion designer at, was a nice experience. With a few models I captured makeup, jewelry, and fashion.

We all met on the top level of the Rivermarket Parking Deck in downtown Little Rock. And this was a 10am shoot in direct sunlight, which was a slight challenge but it worked. I had planned to use strobe lighting but the wind was pretty high and gusty. That made me change my mind. I didn't have any sandbags to keep things steady. 

To cope with the sun I used a few shaded areas or just worked with the harsh light. Most shots were taken between f/5.6 and f/11 as I worked to save the highlights. I like it. I am satisfied.

Check out some of the images below and be sure to check out the work of Jade and Teiraneyj!

Jade | Instagram: @sojadedmakeup & @sojadedcollection

Tieraneyj Ousley-Johnson: | Instagram: @Teiraneyj