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This blog lists the most recent work of Niguel Valley Photography including weddings, bridals, and engagements sessions in the Little Rock & Central Arkansas area.

2 Minute Portrait

Niguel Valley

On a Saturday morning with a busy day ahead, I was the first up. I was trying to get photos processed for customers, who had patiently waited. I have always noticed how the sunlight comes into the windows as the sun rises. I like the shadows and patterns that it places on the floor, the walls, and just the room. But on this particular morning and just as my daughter walked into the room I noticed the curtain.

The sunlight shined through the blinds. It created horizontal lines of light and shadows that I liked. And they were a little wavy. Although it was unclear, I saw a picture in my head and wanted to use my daughter in it. I wasn't sure how but I figured something satisfying was there. 

Now my children sigh at the camera. They seem to loathe the sight of it coming as if it will suck the very life out of them. But I asked my daughter to help me make a portrait anyway. And with a few dollars in my hand she awakened. It was as if this one-eyed soul-sucking monster was no match for the mighty...dollar. 

We took about 2 minutes trying different things. I positioned her head, the curtains, and adjusted my exposure several ways until finding something I liked. (Part of this is R&D--research and development.) I am a perfectionist, so I had to settle with something "good enough" in my mind. Otherwise, I would never been done.

The picture above is where we landed after 2 minutes.