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This blog lists the most recent work of Niguel Valley Photography including weddings, bridals, and engagements sessions in the Little Rock & Central Arkansas area.

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Mr. Peabody

Niguel Valley

Maybe you can tell from my images that I love shooting with cars as props. I especially love shooting with antiques. And today I got a chance to interact with Mr. Peabody--as it is called. It is a beauty.

I had to walk around and get a few images of the vehicle alone and some with portraits.


Niguel Valley

It was great shooting with Mindy even on a rainy day. I figured there would be an overcast but hoped it wouldn't rain.

We'd planned to shoot in an alley downtown but I chose the River Market Parking Deck for shelter. (Nothing a strobe wouldn't fix.) Thankfully the rain stopped just in time. 

With it gone we took it to the rooftop. I wanted to included the sky, which seemed dramatic and that's what I tried to capture in the shoot. 

Her makeup was fantastic. She visited Maya, who worked her magic. 

Here are my favorite shots from the session. Enjoy!